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I have multiple ounces of physical gold and a couple Kgs of physical silver. I have a Bullion vault account with £5k which is my sort of speculation money. I'm trying to decide more gold or more silver or to hell with that and wait for the equity crash and go all in on equities.

News coming out today make me pretty bearish:

- Reduction in base rate in Brazil

- Negative Q2 growth in Canada

- Poor PMI figures for UK and Germany

I'm guessing more QE is on the cards in the UK and US, but will this drive silver up, or will it be driven down due to lowering industrial demand?

Thoughts / opinions please!


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As a long term investment physical silver is a must

90% that has been exhumed is already gone forever

the estimates of what remains are probably overstated due to

silver being found near the surface as opposed to gold which lies further down

therefore most of what can be found has already been found.

Silver has unique qualities that cannot be replicated or easily replaced with other substances

and new uses are being found for it all the time .The amount of silver used in a blackberry will not affect the price of a blackberry

but the amount of blackberrys will effect the price of silver.

Mexico looks like it may move to a silver backed peso and as the price of gold gets beyond the reach of Mr Avg

then its silver who captures attention. The silver market is extremely small ,there is only 1/3 oz of gold for every person on the planet

currently available for silver that falls to 1/14 oz . There is more gold above ground than silver and that hasnt been the case for over 700 yrs. Personally I am and have been using 50% of my wage every month to accumulate silver and will continue to do so for quite a while yet

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