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Home ownership slump

10.15PM Tue Aug 30 2011

With more and more people struggling to buy their own home, a housing crisis has been predicted.

With mortgages hard to get, big deposits needed and prices still relatively high, home ownership in England will fall to its lowest level since the mid-1980s over the next decade.

The National Housing Federation forecasts it will fall from from its peak in of 72.5% 2001 to 63.8% in 2021

Clip is 2.54 in length... Watch from 1.20 if you want the detail.


Not everyone understands or wants to understand the economy/house prices etc. Over the last two days you will have had plenty of people walking past news stands displaying the shitty Express headlines and now watching News at Ten who will think that there is little or no chance of a HPC... People know it`s shit out there but...

In very small print at the bottom of the screen it says.... Source.. Home builders federation.

I wanna go back on holiday and drink more beer :rolleyes:

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With more and more people struggling to buy their own home, a housing crisis has been predicted.

"Predicted" :lol::lol:

Yeah right "predicted" so that means it's something for the future but if "more and more people are struggling to buy their own home" then the crisis is here and now. That's confirmed by the number of young people being interviewed confirming that fact. In fact there's been a housing crisis going back years and years. "Predicted" :lol:

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