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Would really appreciate any HPC help on where and what to invest as a safe haven over the next 2 to 3 years around £11,000.

I want to put £7k into gold – buying physical. Was going to buy gram bars but have read here and a few other places that coins are perhaps better, if so which?

Now i know this might kick off a yellow bull vs bear argument as seems to be the all the rage at the moment on HPC.

Yes gold is at ultra bubble proportions and going parabolic but as was highlighted on Zero Hedge last week or so, govts and banks have torn up the usual way that economic cycles work by interfering so intrinsically in financial systems in a short sighted belief that can curry favour with voters and bankers bonuses. This surely giving us a new environment in which the normal expectations of market movements and economies are no longer as easy to gauge.

To coin a bullish HPC phrase – this time it is different...........surely? We have the US about to start QE3, we have fiat currency mania with sovereign balance sheets on the point of collapse. The UK, Euro and the world seems to be sleep working into a global recession (not that i think we ever got out of the last one), with no reforms being made an extend and pretend mindset seemingly the order of the day.

Factor in a few potential defaults and suddenly the factors against gold dropping, even despite this record high, look pretty compelling. I have sort out counter arguments on the likes of Market Oracle but they just say it is a bubble by literal context and oversubscribed by speculators but they do not then factor against the back drop of global financial insecurities across govts, banks and the battering of confidence of the consuming markets of the US, UK and Euro.

The last time we had stagflation in the 70s gold rocketed far more as a % and factor in a number of geopolitical hot spots into the mix and relaxes my reluctance to buy at circa $1950.

I do want to also spread the remaining £4k into a mix of currency and some other metals (all of which i want to physically hold). This is where i need particular help as i have never brought in anything like this before and would really welcome any help from hpc elders – being 30 i do not have the worldliness of observation that some on here do so much appreciated.

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If I was buying gold i'd go for Sovereigns or Britannias because there's (currently) no capital gains tax on 'em.

There's less of a premium on 1oz Brittanias but then you've got to think how easy it will be to shift them when you need to sell up.

So my preference would be to buy Sovereigns or 1/4 Oz Britannias.

As to whether this is a good time to buy and is gold already in a bubble who knows?

My dad was telling me I was an idiot for not selling when it got to £700 an Oz (I started buying around 2004 when a Sov cost about £55).

Maybe it'll drop down to £800 an Oz tomorrow or maybe it'll go to £8,000?

These days anything is a gamble.....

Maybe you should buy £5,000 of baked beans? Though storage can be a bit difficult and you need bigger pockets :D

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