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Man Accidentally Throws Out $62,000 In Gold

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The man's a bloody idiot

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A man who accidentally threw A$50,000 (NZ$62,000) worth of gold in the bin would have a better chance of finding a wedding ring at the beach a week after losing it than recovering his bounty from the local tip.

Caloundra landfill's co-ordinator of recovery and diversion Gary Reeve was informed yesterday that a man, known only as Geoff, had accidentally thrown out gold bars and his wife's valuable gold jewellery while cleaning out the family garage.

While it was not clear which landfill centre the bin had been taken to, any effort to recover the items now, five days after they were thrown out, was futile, according to Mr Reeve.

"We have 14,000 tonnes of waste a week," he said.

"The bottom line is there is nothing we can do. Our hearts go out to him, but it would be impossible to find it [the gold]."

Geoff told today's Courier Mail he had accidentally thrown out the jewellery and gold bars after earlier splitting them into three different garbage bags to fool any would-be thieves.

With the family moving house, last week Geoff asked his children to give him any bags that needed throwing out.

He only realised what he'd done when his wife rang asking where the bags were. The items were reportedly not insured.

Mr Reeve told the Brisbane Times this morning there was no way of pinpointing where the gold was in the landfill as by now the valuables would be under thousands of tonnes of waste.

There would have been a chance of finding the gold if landfill workers were informed on the day it was thrown out, he said.

"It is like dropping your wedding ring on the sand at the beach," he said.

"It is hard enough to find it straight away but imagine going back a week later and trying to find it.

"It's impossible."

Mr Reeve said he usually got the call once a year that someone had accidentally thrown out something valuable.

Last year, a woman lost her wedding dress but contacted the land fill on the day it happened.

"We were able to find it, but it was in no state to take home," Mr Reeve said.

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A similar story happened near me. I was speaking to a chap who works in the local tip. A man put all the wife's gold jewellery accidentially in the bin, it was worth ££££s, it was never recovered.

A lot valuables get routinely found when the council clear out flats where the tenant has died and there is no next of keen around. People also pay the council to go through the stuff that gets cleared out from houses. Gold prospecting down at the council tip!

If you are going to hide valuables in something that is moveable, it needs to be secured/screwed down in some way to act as a reminder.

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