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Britain's highest-paid quango bosses are almost doubling their salaries with six-figure bonuses, special allowances and pension windfalls, an investigation by The Daily Telegraph has found.

These guys know that inflation is rocketing under the current government and that they need a hell of a pay rise to keep pace. They have the power to get that rise and not surprisingly they have taken it. Same goes for company bosses. Will Cameron do anything to address mounting anger because he has encouraged inflation, whilst allowing his mates to take 50% pay rises to compensate and letting the ordinary folks starve?

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Quite. What a disappointment Cameron has been. Had high hopes as well...

'Bonfires of the QUANGOS', benefit caps, child benefit limits..............all hot air it would seem.

Having been unfortuante enough to listen to a delivery by the chair of the Human Tissue Authority it was apparent that this member of the House of Lords knew nothing of their remit (they read in a monotone from notes without once looking up) and inspired little confidence in why such a body was really required. Indeed, it merely enforced the idea of jobs for the boys, or in this case, the girls....

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'Bonfires of the QUANGOS', benefit caps, child benefit limits..............all hot air it would seem.

I couldn't stand Brown but oddly he seems more genuine than Dave...

All Dave seems to offer is talk, while at the same time ensuring his chums continue to loot the system by pretending he's sorting stuff out.

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      • up 5%

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