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Hedge Fund Managers & Huffington Post Blogger Suicide

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Russell Armstrong's friend and business associate committed suicide the day after Russell's body was found hanging from a beam in his bedroom ... TMZ has learned.

Alan Schram -- the managing partner of Wellcap, an L.A-based hedge fund -- was found on August 16 outside of his car on Mulholland Drive with a gunshot to his head. The L.A. County Coroner concluded Schram's death was a suicide.

Alan was connected with an exclusive group called Tiger 21 -- a organization of high net-worth folk who jawbone with each other about investments ... and we're told Russell Armstrong was a member of Tiger 21, even though he was clearly having money trouble.


Alan Schram was also a financial blogger on Huffington Post. His blog entries can be found here:


There also appears to be some connection to a reality TV show called 'Real Housewives of Orange County'.

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Yes, he is not a well man. That photo is out there now but I am not comfortable with it. I have no idea if Steve Jobs Okayed it or not, but it is out there.

Back to those hedge fund managers:


According to TMZ, the two men were members of an elite group called Tiger 21. While the name might sound like it refers to Tiger Woods' many mistresses, the organization actually consists of rich guys into investing like Russell Armstrong and Alan Schram.

Tiger 21 members meet and critique each other's investment portfolios. However, they don't just discuss money matters and work on becoming better investors --evidently they also talk about their personal lives.

Tiger 21 doubles as a sort of group therapy session for the privileged few that are lucky enough to be in the fold. So did Russell Armstrong divulge too much to the group? And was a member threatening to reveal some of his secrets?

Of course it's always possible that someone in this millionaire's club was experiencing money troubles and was hoping to profit on some dark personal secret he or she knew about Russell Armstrong. After Russell appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's even possible that multiple Tiger 21 members pounced at the chance to make a quick buck off of his fame. And maybe whatever the group knew about Russell also involved Alan Schram.

In this bad economy, it's not too far-fetched to imagine that some Tiger 21 members have been struggling. They evidently have to pay a hefty fee and have to be worth a certain amount of money just to be a member, and being kicked out of the club because of a lowered net worth has to be a pretty shameful thing. So would someone resort to blackmail or selling secrets to stay in?

Of course this is just a very crazy conspiracy theory, and surely Russell Armstrong and Alan Schram wouldn't have killed themselves if the secret that Tiger 21 members knew about them was that they engaged in gay sex. But, then again, maybe the members were like the kids that bully gay teens into committing suicide in high school.

A more likely explanation is that Alan Schram was simply experiencing money problems like Russell and just couldn't imagine losing his wealth, social status, and all the other important things that come with large amounts of cash.

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A friend of Russell Armstrong -- who was found dead Monday of an apparent suicide -- described the unwitting reality star as being overwhelmed by pressure to meet the demands of his wife, Taylor Armstrong, and Bravo executives -- who allegedly threatened to replace the reality TV couple if they did not meet certain expectations.

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' I think, was [Russell's] downfall. The TV show put a lot of pressure on him to produce financially. You're on a show with a couple like the Maloofs, who are verifiable billionaires, and you're not," William Ratner told The Los Angeles Times.

At least one of Taylor Armstrong's fellow housewives, Adrienne Maloof, is legimately very wealthy. Her family owns an NBA team and The Palms casino.

"He [Armstrong] said the producers at Bravo told Russell and Taylor that they picked them as the 'disaster couple,' and if they weren't going to have drama in the second season, they would cut them and replace them with someone else," Ratner continued.

On top of their marriage difficulties, Russell and Taylor Armstrong were facing a lawsuit charging they used investor money to fund their lavish lifestyle. Russell denied the allegations through his attorney, Ronald Richards, who admitted that his client was overwhelmed by personal and financial struggles at the time of his death.

"I feel bad because his credit cards weren't working," said Richards. "He had tremendous financial problems.

"He was also extremely bummed out about the divorce with Taylor," Richards added. "As far as a will, even if he does have a will, they don't have any assets, so I'm not sure what there would be left to leave."

Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce in July after about six years of marriage, accusing Russell Armstrong of "ongoing physical and verbal abuse," the Huffington Post reported.

While the allegations of physical abuse took some of the reality show's viewers by surprise, Russell and Taylor's separation was far from a shock. Taylor Armstrong was open about her marital dissatisfactions, and towards the end of the season she questioned whether she should remain with her husband.

Although the marriage was portrayed as less than perfect, Taylor and Russell appeared to be doing fine financially: Well enough to spend $60,000 on a fourth birthday party for their daughter, Kennedy.

Ah, I thought this was a financial thread... but it is all tied into some reality TV show called 'Real Housewifes of Beverely Hills', allegations of domestic violence, etc, etc

I thought it would be of interest from a financial POV but it looks like lots of allegations and stuff are going on that may or may not be financial related.

Odd why his partner allegedly committed suicide within 24 hours though.

Mods - move if you see fit.

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OT but from your TMZ link; a picture of Steve Jobs 2 days after his resignation:



Photoshopped? The black hemline looks false.

I wish him well. He has that drawn look of a relative of mine who died of cancer in February. It is a beast.

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