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DAVID ORR of the NHF...........

For years now, if a newspaper wants to run a really bullish article, on house prices, they turn to him.

He is in charge of the National Housing Federation, which in turn represents 1300 housing associations, which provide 2 million [aherm] 'affordable' homes for 5 million people.

So as the countries biggest representative of social housing, what conclusions can we draw about him?

On the one hand he represents not for profit housing associations, to house the poorest in our society, but i have yet to read an article from him, linking the cause of poverty and misery to high house prices?

All he does is 'talk up' the value of the properties which are owned by the housing associations. He is the biggest bull out there.

Isnt that something of a dichotomy? To be a major vested interest, when the main purpose of your remittance, is to provide the most affordable housing available? To help the poorest into housing.

Certainly, this behaviour seems to follow a familiar pattern. Housing associations have trebled in size in the last 20 years.

For instance, as a supposedly impartial organisation, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation do mention inequality in the Housing Market, in their reports, but their emphasis seems to be on pushing 'Alternatives to Ownership' as a pose to where the emphasis should be, on lowering prices.....

JRF's views seem to pander to the present Coalition Government's attempts to solve the housing problem, by following a completely failed model of Shared Equity.

[As proponents themselves of Shared Equity Schemes]

[i.E. methods of pushing First time Buyers into accepting debt which is not ours.]

Yet none of these associations fully acknowledging the fraudulent economic nature of the reasons behind the need for these programme's of severe social inequality.

They ignore the fact that the government have blatantly refused to spread the pain of deficit reduction more equally between those taxpayers who own property and those who do not.

Is'nt David Orr just the head of a major Quango?

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After being quiet for a while now, perhaps due to lots of big stories, the Media seems to have been posting lots of HP related stories today. Some really bullish, talking massive rises. They seem to report either a positive spin or negative, but in each case they are reporting massive house prices rises.

Lots of media reporting this story along the lines of "Home ownership to slump":


"The National Housing Federation said the number of property owners will drop to just 63.8% as house prices soar, compared to 72.5% in 2001."


"High property prices, strict lending criteria from mortgage companies and the need for large deposits could effectively lock millions of Britons out of the housing market"

And there's the positive spin from the express reported on the HPC homepage today:


Seems to be very active, is it all down to the NHF reports mentioned in this BBC head line? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14708841

I'm curious as to all the activity today, when we've seen little over the past weeks.

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Er relative who is retired buys the Express. Lives in a nice a house in the country, drives a nice car, goes on cruises. You can't guess what he did? He used to make sails.

This is what HPC is up against, the disparity in generations in what homes cost today is incomprehendable.

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I have seen a lot of stories, many from the BBC, where the headlin eis very different from the actual story. This - I ahve to say - is the worst so far. I had to read it twice just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating or something. Staggering. :o

Mortgage shortage boosts rents

A lack of available mortgages has continued to push up rents although the pace of growth is slowing, according to surveyors in Scotland.The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said in the last three months 10% of surveyors it questioned said rents had increased.

This represented a slowdown on the last survey, and RICS suggested this meant supply was catching up with demand.

RICS said would-be first-time buyers were being forced to rent.

The surveyors body said many would-be buyers were struggling to find a mortgage or raise the money needed for a deposit.

As a result it said 50% more chartered surveyors reported a rise in demand rather than a fall.

The number of tenants relying on housing benefit from the government also increased, which RICS said was unsurprising given the challenging economic conditions.

Figures showed social lettings were at their highest level since records began in 1999, accounting to 12% of all new rentals - up from 3%.

Graeme Hartley, RICS Scotland director, said: "The combination of strong tenant demand and an increase in the number of rental properties on the market has resulted in rents stabilising.

"With mortgage finance for first time buyers likely to remain in short supply for some time to come and an increase in new landlord instructions, demand and supply should be balanced in Scotland for the foreseeable future."

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BBC re Nationwide August figures (0.6% fall):

"Slight summer dip in house prices"

5th item in business and money by 10:00am, below 2 items about Man Utd annual profit and premier league transfer spending, just above an item about Brazillian interest rates.

Nothing at all in news section, Man U did make it with the same story, also more newsworthy: "Madonna movie given mixed reviews" and "Blackpool tower reopens to public"

Will be interesting to compare this to the next 0.6% rise we see.

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Halifax: Home prices fell 1.2% in August

Didn't hear anything on the Today programme, nothing on the BBC website front page or in the main news pages, sixth story in business & money below Dixons seeing a slump in sales and Yahoo sacking their CEO.

Also more newsworthy: Nightcap good for older women and Harvey wins second Mercury prize

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Britain's New Homes Are 'Shameful Shoeboxes'

New houses in Britain fail to give families the space they need - and they're getting smaller, architecture industry body RIBA warns.

RIBA found the average single storey one bedroom home is 46 sq metres

This is leaving the UK with "shameful shoebox homes" that are the smallest in western Europe.

RIBA looked at 80 sites across the country and found the most common new three-bedroom home was 74 sq metres.

That is only 77% of the minimum size recommended by the Greater London Authority's space standards, meaning it is missing 22 sq metres - the equivalent of two double bedrooms and all their contents.


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