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Bbc: House Price Growth Revives Again

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Guest wrongmove

"The country's biggest mortgage lender says prices are now rising at an annual rate of 3%."

Better get out there and get a 10 times salary mortgage then FTB's - prices are starting to rocket again... at least this is what the BBC would like you to think <_<

When Nationwide reported a drop in prices a few days ago, the BBC put the report at the top of the business section, and left it there all day. i.e. exactly the same prominence as this report.

Did anyone mention this, and praise the BBC for their bearishness ?

Of course not.

The BBC are just reporting the Halifax report. Do you really thinkl thjey should say "Halifax report a small rise in prices, but we at the BBC say sell your house now! We are all doomed !"

This is the BBC, not the HPC. Come here for bearish speculation, don't expect the BBC to write it :lol:

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As usual BBC fail to tell the whole picture, ie that halifax figures are more biased towards the north which is still playing catch-up.

and fails to say that areas of the south are still actually falling, example east anglia -0.8% YOY

They are crap reporters

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Has any clever chartist plot a graph of Halifax's YOY HPI?

Preferably dating back to the last crash like this one...Chart

... but with a properly labelled x axis and up-to-date figures.

It would help put this short-term month-to-month mania into context.

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