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The time is now and the question remains, given the market pattern and extreme volatility: Given the lack of leadsership, given the plethora of lies, given the lack of apparent resource and will by governments to do the right thing and the inevitable squeeze of the truth in these institutions, Is Monday going to be "The One"?

Is their any truth left to squeeze (was there any in the first place). It all seems to be fraud on fraud on fraud.

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Not sure it's Monday. But jis points are all valid. The markets are calling the bluff. And we in the UK haven't seen the HPC so the banks are potentially hiding far more losses than the US and even Europe.

It'll be fun to see it all come out in the wash.

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On the latter point Henry Ford had it right - without good-paying jobs building things here there's no money to by the "stuff" that corporations want to sell. This inevitably leads to more and more government deficit spending right up until the Ponzi collapses.

Think this needs to be posted everywhere, and sung from the rooftops!

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Someone email this Denninger bloke and tell him the HPC rules on Black Monday calling.

Can someone post a link to this thread on his forum and give him a severe telling off? Duplicating black Monday calls is a severe breach of etiquette.

You never know, he might come here and give us some gip. That would be a bit of an honour.

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