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Middle Eastern Billionaire Rents Four-Bedroom London Penthouse For £55,000 A Week

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A billionaire businessman has just signed the lease to the UK's most expensive rental property for a staggering £55,000-a-week - that's £7,860 per DAY.

The unnamed Middle Eastern man will be moving in to a four-bedroom luxury penthouse apartment in London's ultra-exclusive Knightsbridge which costs a whopping £2.86 million per year.


One Hyde Park is the most expensive luxury residential property in the world and its penthouse apartment was sold last year for a UK record £140 million with the new owner rumoured to have spent tens of millions more on employing an interior designer to deck it out.

Sounds a bargain.....

Certainly no recession for the elites.

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I think it's more likely to be an exaggerated PR exercise for the Candy brothers.

Did they not sell the 'most valuable flat in the world' about 2 years ago, then republish the story in around April this year?

Basically, if 1 Hyde Park had been selling and/or letting as intended, we wouldn't be reading these stories, IMHO.

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Clearly no property can be physically worth that, even if it was completely refitted every week. So the value must be in the love of the UK and London basically. Which I can't complain about. Apart from the inflationary effect this one flat must be having on house prices, which affect us all. Good luck to anyone that loves the UK so much though. When you're a billionairre, I suppose the vendors just charge whatever they can get.. I wonder if I put a price tag of £60k per week on a random house (not that I BTL, but hypothetically), would said client find it simply by searching with no top limit price descending and think - top price, got to be the best, I'll rent it! Hell, after the damage deposit was paid, I could make a place look presentable! Lots of vases featuring a range of differnet types of twig could be pre-ordered and whatnot.

Edit: stupid error, damage deposits can't be used to pay for twigs in vases, I'd have to forage for them or something.

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He gets the most prestigious address in London for a daily rate which is less than he probably makes in an hour if he's a billionaire.

Comparatively, it's far less stupid than the proportion of rent that I pay to my earnings.

It's like when Ballotelli got stopped by the police and asked why he had 15k in cash on him, and he said "Because I am rich", but it was actually less suspicious than me having £100 cash on me in proportion to my earnings.

To me he's still living on the site of a grotty old office building I used to wander around as as a courier though.

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