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What To Do If The Double Dip Is Real?

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The only solution for the West is trade barriers - but the banksters and CEOs do not wish that, so the politicians will do as they are told.

As they are paid to do? According to our beloved Mandelson who was on TV a few days ago 'globalisation is going to be here for at least this century''. Society as we know it is well and truly a thing of the past. Time to prepare for a model closer to those that exist in what we call 'undeveloped' countries.

Too many politicians are economically stupid IMPO.

Not stupid I think, they just don't care. 'Society does not exist' TM so why bother? They just take care of number one while there's still time and let the rest go to hell.

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Dave see's himself as a 'final solution' to all our economic and social ills- all that's required, see, is a 'strongman' with the guts to ram through the free market agenda come what may...and all will be well. :lol:

James Goldsmith predicted all this in his interview here;

wow! Mucho respecto para James Goldsmith.

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In the end we will need a strongman to take control of things. And just ram through initiatives, even if regulations and the political process would otherwise stop it.

I had to laugh when Brown announced a bunch of stimulus projects.. but then it was said the first shovel wouldn't hit dirt on the projects for 10 years. As that is the time it takes to move through the approval process, public consultations, law suits and so forth. For the young men being unemployed for those whole 10 years waiting for a job is a long time.

It never occured to Brown, or to Cameron to do just declare emergency powers and ram things through.

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It never occured to Brown, or to Cameron to do just declare emergency powers and ram things through.

Oh I'm sure it did - they just didn't think they could get away with it. But if they see a train of rampant populism that will let them do so they will jump on it quicker than they can think.

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