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National Geographic : Hitler's War On America

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One for the 911 Conspiracy Theorists:


It's not so easy to dismiss this theory as nonsense as many of America's greatest achievements since World War II were based on ideas developed by the Nazis, especially rocketry and stealth aircraft:



the US did take quite a lot of technology from the nazis as spoils of war(despite being warned not to by the british I hasten to add!).

That doesn't mean that the yanks are going to follow the same path.....as long as they are careful.

however I do detect undertones of some of the philosophy resurfacing...like the planned parenthood stuff,and the space shuttle programme having "atlantis" type stuff going on.(doesn't mean to say everybody on atlantis was wicked...but there was an elite priesthood who used and abused technology to enslave the masses....which was obviously a serious enough offence by the higher powers to knock the governing enities down several pegs)

something saw fit to give them a warning by blowing the crap out of columbia and challenger...I hope there are a few people across the pond who are on the ball.

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