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Chinese Companies That Copy His Firm’S Designs Of Lacking Moral Standards

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There is a good argument that patent law is not needed, nor desirable for improving the the standard of living for the majority. It's very good at securing wealth for those who gain legal monopoly, but as with all monopolies, it is bad for competition. Lack of competition leads to high prices and stagnation.

The counter argument will go along the lines of that creativity is stifled without patent law supporting inventors. There is a pile of evidence that suggests this isn't the case, dating back to the steam engine, which started rapid development after a pair of competing patents expired. Evidence is similar in the modern day, even with pharmaceuticals - India became a world leader, despite only recently abiding by patent law (in full). Many European countries did very well (in pharma) only a few decades ago without patent protection too.

There are similar arguments for copyright laws being counter productive too. In many respects, it was an attempt to protect an industry which had been made obsolete due to the printing press. The Internet is repeating the same thing, but is even harder for authorities to combat. EDIT: As a hint, has the lack of copyright enforcement on blogs, forums etc meant that people have written less and has it meant the quality has gone down? Quite the opposite, I would say!

The spread of knowledge is what allows progress to be made. This was seen with the printing press fuelling the industrial revolution and now again with the Internet fuelling social and economic change (I will be building up to that in my new blog, btw). Restricting the movement of information may help those with vested interests, but it doesn't seem to stop people trying to gain economically through inventing new products.

Sceptical? Take a look at the link about intellectual property in my signature. Not only is it rather eye opening, but it also offers many alternative ways for inventors to profit, without having to resort to the law. Ideas and the written word which can be copied in moments should never have been considered as 'property', IMO. They are arbitrary laws which were created for VIs.

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Some history. The UK had copyright and other intellectual property rights when it governed the US. The US after winning the War of Independance decided to ignore UK laws on copyright et al and mass produced the technology (printing presses etc) of the time to their economic advantage, this in time enabled the US to surge ahead economically and gain a competative advantage which we see today or saw up to its pinnacle at around 1990's-2000.

Fast forward to today and China is doing to the US, UK, Europe et al the same thing the US did, ie ignore copyright et al.

Sounds a lot like Edisson and Hollywood. Edisson invented a lot of things used in the film industry and held almost a total monopoly. And so all the film makers moved across the country as far away from Edisons thugs who'd enforce his property to Hollywood. Because all of HOllywood was so reliant on the income from this they refused to enforce copyright.

In an odd twist of irony, these developed into big studios like MGM who 100 years later cry and whine about interllectual property and copyright....

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I was speaking to an electrical engineer who has worked in china some years ago. He mainly worked on large industrial machines.

He said the Chinese used to buy one of the western machines, then strip it all down and reproduce it exactly. Then re manufacture the machines much cheaper for themselves. One particular machine was used for rolling out metal sheets. He said on this particular machine which he was working on had a metal lattice attachment welded to back. No one knew what this part was for, they never used it for anything. It wasn't until a couple of years after when he was in the US he saw one of the originals, it had the attachment on the back which was actually a fold out table which was used to help the operators clean the machine out at the end of each day. The Chinese never worked out why it was there on the original but added it on anyway, only they welded the whole thing in place!

He also said a lot of the software used to program PLC units on machines cost up £10,000 each once you've paid for licence etc. But the people he was working for over there just gave them to him to keep. They said that because the disks are copied so much there that they don't even bother charging for them anymore as they are so freely available as copies. Don't know how true that is but it cost us over £3000 just to reprogram one our machines after the PLC battery went flat over here!

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The Chinese have copied stuff for centuries. It has on;y recently been something that is against some laws. Ever since porcelain plates came from delft to China designs were copied and improved between different countries. This was normal practice, when someone told the Chinese that this was against the law they must have thought it was a joke. Anyway is seems to me they are just keeping up their ancient traditions of copying stuff and probably later improving on the designs. After all they were the only country in the world, at one time, that had the technology and know how to make porcelain.

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