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Bankrupt Property Developer Crash In Drink Drving Incident

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A court heard he had built up a small property portfolio which had suffered due to the economic downturn. This led to him being made bankrupt.


Don't know if this one was already posted.

They are all property developers down that Cafe Shore, they just follow whatever they think is trendy.

Terribly sad for the family of the victims, was no need for him to get in the car at all, self centered idiot. but at least that's one more property w*nker off the street for a while.

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7 years out in less than 3 probably for good behaviour. That's disgusting IMO. What is the point giving half a sentence if they plead guilty when they are caught red handed with multiple witnesses anyway, how difficult would the prosecution have been, half off to save 10 minutes court time. What a joke. Must be getting close to Charles Bronson time.

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