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Charlie Don't Surf

Why Can't The Bbc Find Independent Economists?

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Just watched an interview on BBC news 24. It looked quite promising, an item on plunging consumer confidence. Anyway, I start watching and I'm thinking this is quite upbeat, then they got on to housprices which wasn't particularly negative, in fact I think it was described as a 'buyers market'.

It was at this point I noticed the person they were interviewing was from Nationwide.

What's the point! Why can't they just interview someone independent without a vested interest in the economy not being in serious touble

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The vested interests probably do interviews for free.

When it comes to politicians the media has to ask the right questions, otherwise the politicans will refuse to be interviewed by them in the future and go elsewhere, taking the viewers with them.

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From what I read on this site most of the people here would rather not see an independent view.

They would be far happier if every news programme devoted it's main story to a house price crash.

Anyone who says otherwise could then be accused of having a vested interest or talking nonsense.

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Guest Bart of Darkness

A lot of it may be down to time constraints.

"Quick, we need someone to say a few words on the economy/housing market. Who've we got handy?"

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