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Fat Thumbs Or Just Shoddy?

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Just Shoddy.

I used to work for ONS for nearly 3 years, and, largely because I was worried I would be tarnished by their shoddy reputation and would'nt be able to get a job anywhere in the HE or commericial sectors, I left for a new job.

In my experience, there are many, many people at ONS who are excellent at their jobs and a credit to public service, but there are many who are really, really, terrible at their jobs. The terrible ones are normally those who have progressed through the ranks, not by ability, but by length of service. I once had to explain the difference between a raw and standard score to a very, very high ranking ONS staff member - that's basic GCSE stats.

I would advise any HPC-er to treat ONS stats with caution until their revisions, and then with a degree of caution - there are some right numptys working there.

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Your link doesn't seem to go anywhere useful.

Yes, they seem to have removed the story from their site. It was Friday's news.

Another post on HPC says they were out by a factor of four / five.

Here's another story link. DT story on it

Seems they entered the wrong digits into the wrong cells of a spreadsheet!

Novice error to have spreadsheets of such importance that allow you to even make that mistake. Absolute auditing 101 basics.

So not fat fingers, just incompetence and lack of controls.

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