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I've linked elsewhere to a property for sale. Their listing doesn't give much detail and with barely a minutes research I was able to find out more info and post a link to that.

I've just had an email asking me to remove it "as this coursing a lot of distress to my client."

EDIT: Oh I am laughing like a drain now. The EA had their web url was actually on the rightmove listing so I wouldn't have had to do any research at all... It's still there on their property bee of course.

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Everyone has a digital footprint, its a bit like following the breadcrumbs in I,Robot.

Indeed. But I'm not sure how this person expects to sell their holiday business without someone looking at the books and their website.

I know I'd do a lot of research before I wasted a minute going to a property.

A quick tot up gets me to about 200k turnover a year and an asking price of nearly 2.5m.

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Got a link?

I have come across a couple like that now, the figures just dont stack up to make them anywhere near viable.

They may have been 10 years ago but their turn over/profit just dont come anywhere near justifying current property prices post boom.

There was one place asking £900k and the books show it making under £40k but apparently the actual figure is much higher as there is a lot of cash that doesnt go through the books :rolleyes: my ****.

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