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Bt (Gpo) Futurology Video From 1969

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This was put up on my BT Yahoo account, and I thought it was good fun as well as very interesting from both a technology and HPC perspective.

In term of technology predictions they were there with Networked computers for things such as video conferencing and data (mortgage services).

Though they did somewhat miss the boat in terms of how you might print content from a computer screen (rather quaint and a bit like a polaroid).

However, I was really fascinated by the "case study" of the young couple with their mortgage broker. I wondered how the fictitious young couple would have faired with a £3500 mortgage in 1969, presumably their housing costing something like £4000 versus the £4600 average - perhaps now £160k, though more in London.

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Excellent. Love seeing stuff like that.

So near yet so far! The 'I'l need to take a copy of that' bit made me chuckle! (by sticking something over the screen and it magically being transferred onto a scrap of paper through ultraviolet rays!)

But some bits were almost spot on! They just didnt forsee the PC revolution which completely changed the way we interact with machines

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