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Baseball Bats And Batons Rocket Up Uk Amazon Best Seller List

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Obviously, rounders is making a strong comeback in parks across the land.

I always thought it had become illegal to sell batons or off-weaps in the UK (I'm in Poland now, you can buy stun guns and other bits and pieces like batons and flick knives in a Polish high street or mall).


(Reuters) - Sales of baseball bats and batons have shot up more than 5,000 percent in the last 24 hours on Amazon's British website, as London suffered its worst violent unrest in decades.

Seven of the top 10 'movers and shakers' in Amazon's sports and leisure list were baseball bats of various kinds, their sales since Monday rising between 1,756 percent and 5,149 percent.

A "military police telescopic baton," described by the manufacturer as useful for "effective self-defence with extra reach," was the 110th best selling item among Amazon's sports and leisure customers, up from a ranking of 5,622 just 24 hours ago. Actual sale number of the items are not given.

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The Moderators have removed all posts referring to weapons or violence against others.

This is a private forum about Housepricecrash --please cease these posts or the thread will be removed.

Members who continue to advocate violence will be moderated.

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