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Boa In The U-Bend?

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Last Trade: 6.51

Trade Time: 21:05

Change: Down 1.66 (20.32%)

O dear, I hope Obama doesn't need his chequebook.


But if the banks threaten to blow again due to capital problems there is no ability to save them this time and you will lose your deposit money as the FDIC has no money and Treasury cannot borrow enough with the debt limits in the way to save even one of these monster banks, say much less all of them.

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Of course they can as each time it's 20.32% of a lower amount.

Well, eventually the company would be worth less than a cent, would cause issues with the exchange software.

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AIG brings the system crashing to it's knees again.

It's been mentioned in the FTSE thread but probably deserves it's own thread as well.


Down over 16% here, you really can't see BoA lasting the week the way things are going.

Looks like it's a buy today.

The fundamentals must be good.

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Bank of America is doing all it can to delay the inevitable equity issuance. Reuters has just broken the news that the bank is in active negotiations with Kuwait and Qatar sovereign wealth funds to sell its $17 billion China Construction Bank stake. There are several problems with this approach: first, the petrodollar sovereign wealth funds just lost over 20% of their AUM courtesy of the global equity rout and of the plunge in oil by more than 20% in less than 2 weeks; Second: everyone recalls what happened to Alwaleed when he bought his "Blue Light" citi stake; third: if BAC does indeed sell its CCB stake, it will leave it with zero disposable assets and will have no choice but to approach the equity market. Fourth, the fact that it needs this cash is validation of all the rumors that the bank's capitalization may be urgently strapped very soon, and that today's Berkowitz call was nothing but lies (in typical BAC style); last, since the final cash need when all is said and done, when all the litigation is over and when the NY AG is done with the bank, BAC will need far, far more cash than $17 billion. Which is why any BAC bounce in the AH session should be viewed very skeptically.

Luckily it doesn't need cash...

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