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Where Is Hpc Compared To The Coalition?

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The coalition have done nothing to make houses affordable once again, have they?

They tinker at the edges.

Anyone priced out of housing for any length of time, know's there is no point in voting Lib Dem, Tory or Labour.

Politician's have utterly failed us.

We exchanged Feudalism for Capitalism, Capitalism failed because of Greed. Now it seems we are heading back toward Feudalism.

I think the chapter where we see some retribution cannot come quickly enough.

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It's not about being left wing or right wing, it's about how you define the state and how it interacts with everybody else.

Plenty of supposedly right wing governments have happily encouraged a large state, either directly or by proxy (i.e. outsourcing state control to large "private" corporations who can then operate a monopoly).

"Left v right" discussions never lead to any useful conclusion because people conveniently redefine "left" and "right" to suit their prejudices. It's time we moved on.

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Going by that I'm closer to Greens than anyone else; should probably have another look at their manifesto but from what I remember they try to deal with the symptoms too much rather than the cause.

That's roughly where I found myself on that chart; in between the Daiai Lama and Nelson Mandela.

Interesting to see that of all the famous people and political parties that they marked up, that there are so few right-wing libertarians, I would have thought that some political party would have exploited this gap in the market. If UKIP, for example, were to move a few notches towards Libertarianism (and put more emphasis on policies not connected to Europe), then they might pick up more votes.

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Ideology is irrelevant to British politics and has been for some time.

Each party is committed to increasing the wealth of a particular group of rentiers.

For Labour, it is landowners and public sector workers.

For the conservatives it is landowners, private sector managers and pensioners.

Both parties seek to justify their actions using some combination of capitalism, statism and identity politics.

Many of the ideas people take for granted are in fact extreme and radical, and only seem uncontroversial because there is no alternative within the current political system.

Even given all of the above the Conservatives (and lib-dems) have still been disappointing.They have clearly sacrificed the economy for the sake of real estate scroungers, and they lied more during the alternative vote 'debate' than any government in history, but I more or less expected that. What surprised me was their amazing lack of conviction and also the sheer incompetence they have shown in many situations. I didn't expect that at all.

I didn't vote conservative. I'm never voting again.

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