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I just had a play around with the benefits calculator (keep in mind I'm single and have no dependents) and it came out with £300/week. Once transport, dental care etc is taken into account that equates to a salary of around £22k - I don't have a chance of earning that sort of salary. Isn't £22k around the median salary in this country? Surely this can't be correct?

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Sorry I did have it wrong. Just re-calculated and it works out at an equivalent salary of £15k which is still fairly hefty considering a lot of jobs around here are £14k or thereabouts.

Housing benefit, highly variable depending on where you live.

Council tax benefit, ditto.

Pocket money: £67/week.

Perks: free NHS, easy terms on various services and leisure activities, tax advantages.

Ballpark total, maybe £200/week in a modest-cost area. Guess £15k earned income could put you in the same ballpark, provided your costs of working aren't excessive.

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Deal a bit of skunk on the side, and ker-ching.

You need to be doing well in this country to have an actual quality of life better than a welfare junkie.

That the thing; if I progress from the 14k jobs upwards I'll be marginally better off however by that time I'll probably be looking into having kids whereby the goal posts are moved again.

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