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I must admit, it makes you wonder how gullible people are. If I were to even consider buying a ticket in something like that it would only be on the basis the cheque was payable to the solicitor handling the sale and it would be kept in a separate account.

Anyone know who's selling the house and where the details are precisely. And who re-possessed it?

I am not a vulture.

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The paper version of today's Times printed a photo of one of the tickets, which included the address and phone number:

6 Haven Park

St Ive Keason


Cornwall PL14 3LQ

01579 382441

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I see that guy in Edinburgh doing the Dutch auction on his £800k house is 5 days in (price drops £2k a day until sold) and currently at £790k. Lots of people apparently interested they say but waiting for the right moment...What a time to be trying this (ie selling into a potential falling market) although I admit it is novel and will probably work.

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