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Name That Tune


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I'll start:

It's a 1980s one, boys go down the pub, then it cuts to claymation, catchy tune, I think a band member was a in trouble with the fuzz or something?


edit: forgot to say you have to answer via Youtube vid

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Here's one I just watched on YouTube.

A miserable guy with big ears and a wonky eye is pushed around a highly stylised supermarket in a trolley.

After watching it I don't think there's much else to describe really!

Is it

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I'm after a dance/techno track from about 1995. It was on the festival/club scene and then a year later hit the charts. It's got a main chunky sound that pretty much plays throughout (with and without drum/bass bit) "Dowwww Doowww Dowwww" If I can fire up a midi player (does one exist? something like the old soundtrackers) I'll do my best to emulate it.

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