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Biggest Sellout On Television


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Haven't they become a couple of god botherers?

Jesus Christ you're right.

12th - You now have a chance to listen again to the interview that Bobby did with Dana last week, or if you didn't hear it on the night, you now have a chance to listen to it for the very first time. Simply click this link and listen to Bobby talking to Dana - Listen Now

8th - Don't forget all that Bobby can be heard being interviewed by Dana tonight on Premier Christian Radio at 7pm. This is part of Dana and Friends, you can hear chat and a couple of Bobby's songs from his gospel album, I'm Sticking With You. Please click the link below, on the post from 5th May, to find the station and listen live.

5th - For anyone interested, you can hear an interview with Bobby on the radio, on Dana and Friends, this coming Sunday, 8th May, at 7pm. Hear Bobby chatting and also hear a couple of his songs from his gospel CD, I'm Sticking With You. A good chance to hear the songs if you don't own the CD. This interview can be heard on Premier Christian Radio across the UK. Click Here To Visit Premier Christian Radio.

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Cannon and Ball were unique in British comedy. The only comedy duo with two straight men.

Pretty sure Morecambe and Wise were fairly straight, er, despite sharing a bed on television! ;)

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The one who's been flogging a high in saturated fat foodstuff for almost two decades despite having a mantle of clean-cut ambassador of sport. It's a disgrace in both it's hypocrisy and the shamelessness of the degrading adverts.

Anyone top that and raise me?

Linekar is probably symathetic towards Walkers because of the Leicester connection so feels he is helping a 'local' business. (Now owned by PepsiCo)

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