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Credit Action

Total UK personal debt at the end of June 2011 stood at £1,451bn. The twelve-month growth rate remained unchanged at 0.8%. Individuals currently owe nearly as much as the entire country produced between Q2 2010 to Q1 2011.
UK banks and building societies wrote off £9.5bn of loans to individuals in the 4 quarters to end Q1 2011. In Q1 2011 they wrote off £1.89bn (£866m of that was credit card debt). This amounts to a write-off of £20.71m a day.
331 people every day of the year will be declared insolvent or bankrupt. This is equivalent to 1 person every 60 seconds during a working day.

Credit Action IMHO the best site which gives the most accurate Debt Stats. <_<



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Can't be long now before bankruptcy is made almost impossible. They don't want the debt slaves escaping :unsure:

As a precedent, albeit at a tangent, I seem to recall George Bush tightening up the US bankruptcy laws for his Masters in the aftermath of the New Orleans disaster which left many people with nothing except debt.

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So that works out at £115,747 Average mortgage amount which is 70% LTV at average house price of £165k

Interesting... So if house prices doped by 15% to an average of £140k the average BTL LTV would be 82% which would put up their interest rates and make the banks more money.

Summarizing, a 15% fall in house prices would be good for bank earnings! :rolleyes:

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