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Don't know if this has been posted before but . . .

Watching now, very interesting. They're criticising new build homes in the UK for their small size and high price!

Just 4OD'd it! I can't believe what I just saw, it's as pro-HPC ethos as anything I've ever seen on TV!

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Good programme, but I had a shouting-at-the-tv moment when the woman was complaining about her tiny, poorly designed new build. You f*cking bought it, love!

I missed the end, though - despite the fact that the whole programme was about asking why we aren't building better housing, I take it there was no mention of the obvious economic and political reasons? I suppose it wasn't that type of programme.

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It was very interesting.

I think if there is a genuine medical relationship between shitty new builds and ill health then that needs exposing properly.

I'd be happy for daily wail headlines like

"your house is killing you"

"your house is making you fat"

It does explain why I don't like the new builds compared to the house I have. The windows here are massive which is a PITA when it comes to buying blinds as you need to track down someone selling extra wide ones.

My sister's new build house has a conservatory on the back, but it's blinded cos it's too hot otherwise... which of course means that the lounge barely gets any light from that end.

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