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America: Freedom To Facism.

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In 1913 America was a free Country, then a band of powerful bankers finally achieved their grandfathers, and great grandfathers goals.

A silent Coup de'tat, taking control of the American Government.

Former rock & roll promoter and manager-turned-political activist Aaron Russo sets out to discover the truth behind the Internal Revenue Service in an eye-opening documentary filmed to find out if there is any existing law that requires Americans to pay an income tax. In his nonpartisan investigation he discovers a systematic erosion of civil liberties implemented by wealthy bankers in the early 19th century, and subsequently proliferated by a government more interested in ruling the people than serving them.

Interviews with former U.S. congressmen, a former IRS commissioner, a variety of former agents for the IRS and FBI, authors, and tax attorneys paint an ominous image of how various components including the Federal Reserve, national identity cards, voter fraud, income tax, and the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems in tracking everyday citizens are all coming together behind the scenes to pave the way for an all-powerful police state the likes of which would send chills down the spine of George Orwell.


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Hmm it was ok. It made a meal of the technicality that income tax is not written in US law.

Actually some states don't have income tax. Florida for example.

2hrs better edited down to 50mins I think!

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