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OK, opinions and comments - good points/bad points. Whst's different/improved?

Top left, it claims 212 houses 'sold' this week. What does 'sold' mean? Is this helpful, worthless? Would be interesting to monitor against future quarterly EA returns to UUJ Survey.

And still no BEE. Starting to go cold Turkey.

Local EA's getting the better of me without my Bee info :o


I note they use the UUJ quarterly survey (Q1)

Property news and views section


May 11

Keith Mitchell, senior partner at Belfast estate agents Templeton Robinson, said sellers needed to be realistic about prices.

"Prices went up by 50% and came down by 50% and it has taken a while for the market to accept that," he said.

He added a lot of old houses had been on sale but not reduced their prices or done so slowly. New builds were being sold at more realistic levels and in some cases there were even bidding wars.

"People are obviously now a bit more cautious. A lot of the attention has been around headline points which can exaggerate the realities in the market," said Mr Mitchell.

Did prices go up 50%?

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There is a new version of the Bee which did not go to general release (due to small number of users requiring it). You can find it at:


I have been using it with the new site and it seems to be working (other than every listing showing a change on 26/07!).

Thanksalot Talksalot (and those that worked on this). Some of the earlier Bee/price info seems to have been scrubbed on some, but not all, props I have been watching, but I can live with that.

Cat will not be kicked this weekend (and might even get fed) :)

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Did prices go up 50%?

a 50% rise followed by a 50% fall = an overall 25% drop from the start price (use some real numbers to check)

Indeed, these people don't know basic maths, hence they are in jobs that you get by knowing people (like NI banking), you can't just simply roll back percentages. Sorry if I insulted anyone, something my Dad used to say, and I always avoided 'old school tie' jobs.

Anyway, I'd say it was 50% rises per year for few years, he doesn't say what period. Since 1990 NI houses rose about 1000% to 2007, when wages only went up by about 80%, half of the increase has come off, I'd say another half of the remainder to go. Some people say that market was depressed due to the troubles, but I think it is naturally balanced figure based on what people could afford with 'reasonable, controlled and fixed lending' and no interference from investors.

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