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What Can Get The Us Economy Growing Again?

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Balanced budget not allowed just 2 options cut taxes or stimulus spendings.

Neither will work as neither tackle the issue of what's wrong.

Just to find out what the poll results were I decided to vote like a Guardian reader and went for wasting more money on stimulus spending. It would appear I wasn't alone on this as at the time of writing 84% went for this pointless option.

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What a douchey loaded question poll.

Take a time machine back to 1970 and undo the last 40 years of debt masquerading as growth.

Both of their options, are in a macroeconomic perspective, going to have the exact same effect. Cut taxes 20%, low and behold, spending increases 20%. Increase stimulus spending 20%, surprise surprise, spending rises 20%.

Neither has any effect on the underlying debt problem. In fact given for every 2 pound borrowed, only 1 pound of growth is achieved, both make the situation worse.

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Anything less than defaulting on all this debt.. and getting the endless regulatory agencies off the entrepenuers backs.. and it won't be coming back anytime soon.

When US companies can say open a ton of new coal mines and rail that coal to the ports to send to Asia, and do it in a timely manner, without hindrance from their own government, then they'll be back.

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