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Dublin Cracks

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I spoke with a Dublin stockbroker in February, he reckoned prices were holding up nicely in the capital and all this talk about default should be knocked on the head.

Namawinelake sees "dramatic declines" in Dublin:

The former PTSB/ESRI index did and claimed the average price of a property nationally at peak in February 2007 was €313,998, inDublin at peak in April 2007 was €431,016 and outsideDublin at peak in January 2007 was €267,987. If, and it is a big “if”, you were to take PTSB/ESRI figures as sound and comparable to the CSO series, then the average today Nationally, would be €182,142

InDublin, would be €221,436

OutsideDublin, would be €163,955


Note the confusion over price indices - ridiculous when you consider how much emphasis was put on lending toward these "investments". UK has a similar problem.

Anyway, Dublin is a capital city, an international city, nay an international banking centre! UK has a similar problem.

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Always remember a lot of that debt is held by Ulster Bank/Royal bank of SCotland and Bank of Scotland (Ireland) so all UK taxpayers are on the hook for this debt.

Next you'll be suggesting the entire banking system is insolvent. :ph34r:

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