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Ot: Diy Firedoor Installation . Advice Needed

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You lot are a very knowledgeable bunch :rolleyes: , especially here in off-topic , so heres the job and the problems:

I need to fit 3 firedoors (FD30s) ,

#1 - bog standard (commonroom) : existing plain door ie no glass , frame 76.6cm W , 199.7cm H

#2 - upper half glazed (lobby) is existing door : frame 76.6cm W , 197.2cm H

#3 - archway - this has no door but need to fit one frame 70.7cm W , 199.1cm H

76cm is a standard door width .

The numerous web pages talk about fitting intumescent strips and that they can go into the frame or into the door .

it would be easier to fit this into door as can easily rout a 4mm deep channel round the top and sides of the door .

However , most doors say max 3mm taken off the side and none off the top, so are there some with say

10mm deep removable bits on the sides and the top , and if so then where are they?

and if not then why is this put forward as a possibility ?

Otherwise , need to rout a channel out of the frame , which if a new frame then not a problem , but much more

difficult in an existing frame , and especially the corners .

any one any ideas on this ?

any suggestions for the archway which is a non standard size (doorwise) ?

I guess I could knock the current frame out and some how put a wider one in ?

Not keen on that ... visions of the brickwork falling on top of me ...(unlikely as is a joist above) .

Advice welcomed .

thanks for any suggestions


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Get a quote from a joiner.

Not much use here I'm afraid. Watched a joiner fit some doors once.

If the door ways aren't level then it's a bitch of a job on normal doors.

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