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This looks incredibly familiar - hasn't it been spammed before?

"unearned bonuses" sounds exactly what this is.

"It is time for us grumpy old folk of Britain to speak up" and ask for a handout? f*ck off.

indeed, why don't we lower the retirement age to 40, think of the wealth creation when nobody works! oh, hang on...

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What a crock of shit!

How about this....

Dear Dave

Instead of giving the money to the banks why not give 1 million to 10 million 20 - 45's?

That will mean that there arent 10 million extra people trying to get jobs and it will solve the housing problems. It will also boost the economy because they will spend their money.

Screw the greedy old fkers that have realised that not only is their home not a pension but that that massive house is now a serious financial cost. Make them continue working until they drop because they owe it to the generations that they have fked over and are now expecting hand outs from.

And, any old fker that retired and took their money somewhere warm and sunny gets their passport ripped up and isnt aloud to come back for free healthcare when they get older - NHS fixed. Oh, and stop their pensions too - pension black hole fixed.

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