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Father Of Cryonics, Robert Ettinger, Frozen To Await Reanimation

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I'm looking forward to some new films by Walt Disney.

That might be slightly more tricky, given that Walt Disney was cremated. ;)

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I thought he was in suspended animation.

At least his family can draw some comfort from that.

Allegedly it's just his head that's frozen, although accounts are sketchy.

No date has been penciled in for his defrosting.

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Maybe we could go halves? :blink:

The only thing I can afford to freeze is my pension.

Actually that could be a good wheeze. I bet there's nothing in a pension agreement about being frozen. Just wait until your pension starts paying out and then get frozen. Quids in! Why, in a couple of hundred years you might even be able to afford a house.

If you just have your head frozen (ala. Disney), maybe a small dog house. Or a glass jar.


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