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some gems in the sellers experience part of the page

this example is just the first one I read!

Jul 22nd, 2011

Eva Jones

We put our house on the market for £350,000 to pay off our mortgague on the house we had lived in for over 20 years. This was more than the agent suggested, but we needed that much as we had withdrawn equity over the years.,

We had a number of offers around £50k less than we were asking which we rejected as chancers. We also recieved an offer for 30k less which we also very quickly rejected. That was six months ago. And now my husband who had to move for work is renting and the cost of servicing a mortgaue and rent is crippling. I am starting to think that we should have accepted the £30k less offer. But other agents I have spoken to are now suggesting we could try for £300k but realistically get £275k. Meanwhile our first agent seems to have lost all interest in our property.

I blame the agent and the chancer offers, but I know we may need to face up to having asked a little too much to begin with.

So they put it on for more than the agent suggested because they were MEWed up to the eyeballs, and she then blames the agent and the "chancers" rather than her own greed, for the fact that she might now "only" get £275K rather than £350K (on a house that they have had for 20 years and so should have made a massive "profit" on)?! Ha!

(Mind you she has trouble even spelling mortgage, so no wonder the situation is confusing her!)

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Some of these comments are hilarious.

I used yankee candles in every room the house smelt gorgeous it was the first thing people said to me 'your house smells lovely'.

Now find me the thread where someone said "I bought the house because someone had put Yankee candles in every room"

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Some of these comments are hilarious.

Now find me the thread where someone said "I bought the house because someone had put Yankee candles in every room"

OK, wotsa yankee candle?

If I want it to smell good, I'll start in the kitchen. For example, a nice pot of soup simmering does wonders for the fragrance of the place.

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Don't do cabbage soup though. :)


I probably had in mind those soups that start with a base including onions, garlic and chilli fried up in olive oil. That's a mouthwatering aroma already, and on top it anything from a minestrone to a pumpkin or squash, or winter root vegetables, is delicious.

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The idea that someone bought a house 20 years ago and needs to clear £350,000 on it still is INSANE.

They should be made poster children for the debt generation.


What bank let them do that?

But they 'earned' all that equity from their savvy investment.

If only the youth of today would stop wasting their money on ipads* and they too could reap the benefits of 10% annual increases in houseprices will bring them....


* to be fair I know plenty of twats who really should cut down on the apple worship but even if they did that house would not be any closer to being affordable.

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Jul 18th, 2011

John Sibley

I think sellers should stick to their prices not drop a penny.

This is a bas time to sell but the situation is going to improve fast. Now the banks are starting to compete with mortgage deals. Once finance is available you will have a lot more buyers than houses.

Don't sell cheap now. Wait a little while and get the right price. Expect prices to rise 16% over the next few years. That money would look much nicer in your bank than somebody elses.

Uh oh...the jobbie in the punch bowl

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