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Sms Hacking App

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Just saw this advertised on TV:



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Hack into other mobiles! Access their mailbox and spy on other people's SMS messages!Has your partner been acting suspiciously lately? Maybe they're seeing somebody else behind your back? Can you really be sure they are where they say they are? SMS Spy digs up the dirt on your victim - simply enter their mobile number to break into their phone and raid their mailbox! Who knows what incriminating texts and photos you will find? SMS SPY can be personalized so you can prank your friends that their girl / boyfriend is cheating on them - using their own names in the messages! Don't forget to let your victim know the truth afterwards, before they really split up! SMS SPY - espionage for the socially irresponsible!

WTF!? , or is this just a prank / joke application. It certainly doesn't sound like it...

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I know in America you can get apps to change the display names on caller ID, so you can prank call people and it displays "Barack Obama" as the caller - but I think they're being made illegal.

I'm not sure how the app above can possibly work, or can possibly be legal.

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Hmm its jamster, they sell a very expensive subscription app service and joke apps/ringtones to chavs. This will be a simple fake app, you will enter the number into the app, it will show some silly graphic, and then show you some invented sms about someone cheating/etc etc...

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