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Man Gets $300,000 House For $16

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I remember being in Michigan. The local paper reported an EA who got possession of a house for $30, the amount of unpaid tax on the property. It made no difference that the owner wasn't aware of the tax bill (an extra charge for making up a road outside) as she was in care home recuperating from a serious illness.

it seemed that once a tax bill was overdue (one month), a notice was posted in the town hall. Just one month later, a third-party could discharge the debt, and take possession. Sleazy EA went daily to check, of course. Said it was entirely moral, and people should be made responsible for their taxes.

In the same vein, one guy came home one day to find his house being auctioned. He'd had aluminium (sorry, aluminum) siding fitted, paid the bill. thought that was it. Oh no. The builder went broke, and the supplier then had the right to not only take possession of materials not paid for, but also the building they had been incorporated in to recover his losses. The local paper said it was based on English contract law. I'd never heard of such a preposterous action. Luckily, the guy arrived in time to settle the debt, and kept his house.

The US banks now of course are up to the same thing. Even trying to repossess the people who never even had a mortgage!

Mortgage-free home foreclosed by lender

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In the land of the '48 hour wait to get a gun' I am amazed how many people try to push other people to the brink.

If you set out to destroy someone's life, make them desperate and take away all that they have do not be surprised if they go and buy an AK47 and come looking for you.

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