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Gold Is A Terrible Investment

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I just watched Casino (can't you tell) and realised that gold is a terrible thing to hold.

Firstly why will government forces that confiscate believe you've disposed of them when they come for you? Will they just say oh ok, like the bit in the life of Brian where Eric Idle says to the centurion freedom and the centurion (M Palin) believes him.

Or will they do this


And stick your head in a vice.....I mean how many turns of the screw could you take before squealing.... I mean if it comes down to confiscation by force then the government will be desperate and will be turning to nasty nasty tactics

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I just watched Casino (can't you tell) and realised that gold is a terrible thing to hold...

You're being far too optimistic :P

If we reach the stage that the goverment come round to take your gold, then civil society will have broken down to such an extent, that the police / customs / whoever it is has the power to divest you of your kruggies, will have much better things to do with their time.

Since they probably won't have been paid for months, they will have walked away public service and are working as private security for the very rich people who caused this mess in the first place. The public sector would be the first to break down (see what is happening in USA..)

The people who will you need to worry about are your neighbours coming round with their kitchen knives. If they are starving, and you seem to be magicking up grub paid with kruggies (because cash has no value any more), then they're going to want to know where your stash is, as 'we're all in this together'.

It's like these people who think that if they buy a bit of land and grow their own stuff, if it comes to civil breakdown, the rest of society won't be sitting around watching your veg grow and wishing they had some of your produce. You'd need private armed security guards who would be willing to give their own lives to defend your lousy carrots, and be paid in kruggies or food themselves.

The goverment would be the least of our worries I'd say.. your neighbours (and informal groupings of neighbours who get together to report on who doesn't seem to be hungry) outweigh you both in numbers and capacity for random violence because they're hungry.

I'll put the kettle on.

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