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Just Done My Cbt

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Did my CBT yesterday on a 125 yamaha. Wow that was fun :-D

I've been driving for a decade but mostly ride a bicycle these days for the fun/cost/exercise.

I was sh*ting myself in the morning and kept grabbing the front brake too much ( I'm too used to the front drum brake on my sit up n beg bicycle I ride to work) and I started to make stupid mistakes due to steadily getting more and more hungry and thirsty. I need my snacks to function! But after a dinner I really got into things and I turned out to be fairly competent on the road apart from switching off those bloody indicators!

Anyone else out there fancies it doing it I'd say go for it right now. It's worth it just to get category P fully endorsed on your licence and to experience what it's like to be that biker you cut up last week ;-)

A warning though - don't do it with a female friend! I did, and she chickened out of the afternoon's road riding. she was just too scared of being able to control the bike in traffic and got herself wound up worrying about it instead of concentrating on learning how.

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Have you filled in your donor card?


Yes, but I put an addendum on that should SarahBell ever need any of my organs shes not allowed any of them :P

Congratulations! Riding bikes is great fun, the best tip I can offer for survival is to treat every car as if they were about to do the stupidest thing possible and plan accordingly :)

Cheers :)

I know from riding my bicycle for so long that all car drivers no matter who or what will happily kill you if it means they get to work 20 seconds earlier. And even the ones who aren't in a rush will happily kill you just to send a text message or check their facebook status. The motorbike actually feels much safer in comparison. I'm not giving up the push bike tho - nothing else can beat the low cost and excercise it gives me.

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On my last housing estate there was a private road circling a block of flats and a youth would turn up, whizz round on his scooter and basically annoy the f*** out of everyone who lived there.

One day I apprehended him and said to him that he'd look a right idiot removing himself from the gene pool on such a wee toy - and having his name plastered across the local newspapers. Gave him a lesson about street furniture and the g-forces involved if the two met, he didn't have a clue.

Same lesson for you, don't go killing yourself on that thing, more cc = enjoyment of the open road.

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