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Council Tries To Attract Home Buyers With...

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... their attempt at artistry. :rolleyes: (photos on link)

Sounds like yet another way of wasting tax payers money. :rolleyes:

"Home sweet home... in Junkies' Alley: Council paints homely scenes on boarded up windows to attract buyers in one of the UK's worst places to live

"With their newly painted front doors, puffed up curtains and fresh flowers in the windows they look at first blush to be dream homes for any first time buyer.

But take a closer look and the neat red and blue doors, bouquets of roses and newly drapes are merely paintings - designed as an elaborate disguise to persuade house hunters to buy derelict homes in a boarded up suburb nicknamed ‘junkie's alley’, in Burnley, Lancashire.

Council housing officials joined up with a housing association to paint pictures of curtains, vases and neat front doors on scruffy boards covering a row of empty two up two down terraced houses to look as though the homes have caring owners....

...Burnley Council in conjunction with housing trust Accent Regeneration and Community Partnerships are now hoping the disguise paid for by the taxpayer might persuade buyers back into to the area.

But one local, who has lived in the area for 22 years, said: ‘I think it looks silly - the bottom line is a lick of paint as a disguise won't help Burnley Wood.

‘Anyone who comes down to take a look will see straight away what a dump it really is.

‘The paintings have already got graffiti on, you can't leave anything here- this block is the worst in Burnley Wood, years ago it used to be alright, people were trying to get houses here.."

‘There's nothing for kids to do so they smash the empty houses, half the houses are empty and no one knows who the landlords are or how to get hold of them when something happens.

‘I thought they were meant to look like they were lived in, you've got them all looking right pretty and then on this side there's walls falling down. I think it's all gone a bit eccentric.’

An elderly woman, who has lived in the area for 32 years, said: ‘If I could afford to move I would, but no one will buy property here.

‘You've got anti-social behaviour, druggies and people getting drunk at the weekend and causing havoc.

‘What set it all off was, when they got the regeneration money and started pulling houses down at the bottom of Burnley Wood, which is where the druggies were. They wanted to stay in the same area so they moved up here.

‘To be honest they look a damn sight better than what we were looking out on, but they'd only been up a day and the kids started vandalising them.

It isn't just the boards they painted all the property's on that side of the road. It was getting to the stage where you were just ashamed for anyone to know where you lived.

‘They need a proper rebuild job not a few paintings.’


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2014634/Council-paints-homely-scenes-boarded-windows-attract-buyers-Burnley.html#ixzz1S4d9Yvjb

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