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Us - Pessimism Deepens As Economic Concerns Rise: Reuters/ipsos Poll

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Americans are deeply pessimistic about the future as economic concerns rise and White House talks on raising the U.S. debt limit sputter, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

The number of Americans who believe the country is on the wrong track rose to 63 percent this month, up from 60 percent in June, with stubbornly high unemployment and prolonged gridlock in Washington dashing hopes of a swift economic recovery.

But voters do not appear to be holding President Barack Obama responsible for the problems so far. Obama's approval rating held relatively steady at 49 percent, down 1 percentage point from June. His approval rating among independents -- a group Obama needs to win re-election -- fell to 39 percent from 44 percent.

Don't worry uncle Ben is coming to the rescue, he knows how to fix a depression he's an expert on it.

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I read that In the United States, that it was two thirds of the total money supply which was created, [as debt] during the boom, via fractional lending, by banks, for mortgages.

Out of Idle Curiousity;

Does anyone know how much money was created, for mortgages, via fractional reserve lending, in the UK?

[As a percentage of the total money supply]

I'm thinking it must have been even higher over here?

Its completely f-u-cking ridiculous to expect the 'priced out' generation's to pay for that.

[When we've already wasted tens of thousands in rent over a decade, which would have been capital, as we would have all gotten onto the ladder, if the government had regulated the banks properly. And stopped the Housing Bubble.]

Its Economic Fascism. You would have to be insane to work for another ten years for nothing.

Yet Ive found again and again that the typical politicians response to this is,

"Unfortunately yes, its a lifetime of slavery for you lot. Oh well..........cest-la-vie"

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