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2 More Searches Recommended By Solicitor

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Hi everyone - sorry for all the questions - perhaps if I learn anything from this experience I can give back to others.

Our solicitor has applied for all "necessary searches" against our new property.

In her letter she also advises that there are 2 additional searches that she can obtain: Environmental at £49 and Chancel Repair Check at £18.

I've done a ton of searches - no pun intended - in these forums and the intarwebz and I am thinking we can't avoid them.

I've been on one website - homecheck.co.uk I think - and after putting in the post code of the new property nothing much was flagged up except maybe pat industrial use of the land sicne it is in a village.

As far as the Chancel search goes I don't think we take the risk of not taking out the search.

I have no idea of these search costs are reasonable but it does stick in my throat that they were not mentioned at the time I asked for a quote.

Is the concensus of the forum just to suck it and pay up for peace of mind?

As always and thoughts would be appreciated.

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You will have a long time to regret it if you don't have them done and find out something they would have picked up. It's only a few pounds more for peace of mind.

Totally disagree with doccyboy, even if he is a revered mod with a mega-score.

Chancel Search is a great little earner for the solrs. with the same old infamous 2003 scare story (Gail and Andrew Wallbanks) that they trot out on eveery occasion to help justify the search and subsequent purchase of indemnity insurance. Fact is, the number of claims above £5000 in the UK in the last 10 years can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The chances of a claim are miniscule, and the whole Chancel shenanigans will be brought to an end with new legislation on 13 October 2013.

Stll not sure? Ok - try this. Try to find another story anywhere on the web, other than the Wallbanks' case.


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