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Thought I would update this. Had I held gold instead of a house, I would be sitting on about £200-250k losses since this thread began. Main threat now is Scottish independence, that is one major screw up I hadn't seen coming, I think it will be no and we will see a Scottish property boom afterwards. If yes, I'm screwed.

When you say "a Scottish property boom afterwards", do you not think the yes/no debate has revealed the Scottish economy to be a house of cards (no pun intended), i.e. oil, oil and nothing else?

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Scotland has a broad based economy with similar GDP per capita without oil to the rest of the UK, and a variable boost with it added and attributed to Scotland. My concern is the cost and instability of independence. It is disputed, but I feel investment and decisions are being held back in advance of a no vote, and then investment will pick up further. It is fashionable to pretend Scotland or the UK are basket cases economically, nothing could be further from the truth IMHO.

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