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University Educated With Legal Or Corporate Experience Wanted

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Does it get much worse than this?

Words can't describe how sorry I feel for young people today. And yet, all the bleeting on the radio and tv comes from the grey tops who claim they can't afford to heat their (large and paid off) homes in winter. Equity withdrawal or downsizing anyone? Of course not.



Apparently a City firm is on the look out for a temporary Legal Catering Assistant, equipped with a university education and legal or corporate experience. Yes, it’s an insult to their education but a good way nonetheless to hone some career-enhancing tea-making skills. And it’s never too late to put these skills into action, so show your partnership potential with these tea-making tips.

Everyone has the greatest respect for the team member who makes a decent cuppa. The lawyer-in-waiting who can correctly deliver a round of drinks to a parched team of lawyers – well, it’s a sign of great things to come, surely? So start now by…

Getting recognised for your attention to detail by always making sure everyone gets their favourite mug with the correctly mixed liquid inside.

Showing your innovative side by suggesting green tea or peppermint as a change from boring old PG Tips. Yes, you can really think outside the box.

Encouraging cost-savings, efficiency and synergies (yes, those old favourites) by investing in a team teapot and show how many more cups you can get from your teabags when you don’t make it in the cup.

Warming said teapot with hot water before making the tea to show how your meticulous planning leads to higher quality results.

Making a round of hot drinks with a range of milky-nesses to show how you’ll go the extra mile to meet all of your clients’ needs.

And there you were thinking time spent as a Legal Catering Assistant would be time wasted. Pah.

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.know a lot of solicitors are short on work these days,why would they take on a trainee when you can get experience for not much more money.

I'm seeing increasing adverts for accountants and solicitors around here, thing is it is as low as 4-6 hours a MONTH!

But don't worry we can all sell houses to each other instead.

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Cozza, they should reveal the company otherwise it's just a tall story

I'm seeing increasing adverts for accountants and solicitors around here, thing is it is as low as 4-6 hours a MONTH!

Ken, could be small businesses or the upper middle classes advertising for part-time help? Would be a normal part of their case load.

You don't say the impact on salaries.

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Legal Catering Assistant Reference: NJLCA0611

Salary :

Start Date : ASAP

Duration : Temporary

Type : Temp

Location : City of London

Division/Specialisation : Facilities

Description :

Great temporary opportunity, working for a Law firm in the City!

Are you educated to degree level or equivalent within Law and looking for temporary work? We have work for you!

Duties include:

Preparing/plating up refreshments, setting up meeting rooms for all meetings (including AV/it equipment).

Setting up afternoon tea.

Making taxi/courier bookings when requested.

Covering reception when required: taking calls, meeting and greeting visitors

You will be required to ensure a professional and friendly service is provided to clients and staff.

Some amount of legal and corporate experience is advantageous.

You must have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Immediate Start!

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Unbelievable... :blink:

Wait until universities catch up with the outside world, and soon they'll be offering degrees in tea-physics/chemistry.

JOBS PAGE: 'New Bank of England Governor required. Must be able to control inflation and print money whilst pretending to markets that we are fiscally sound. Degree in Hip-Hop or Golf course management an advantage but not essential as full training given by Tesco Training Ltd' LUNCHEON VOUCHERS tax free, for the Ivy, thrown in.....PLUS GOOD GERMAN CAR (NO UK ONES WORTH DRIVING) and wimbledon tickets if inflation drops 0.1% by 2015.

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