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Songs That Sound A Bit Like Each Other

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't think there is an unusual similarity between either of those Pixies songs and the ones below.

Albeit, most bands have openly admitted to robbing from the Pixies.

For Nirvana, not the whole song or melody, but the guitar riff and drums in the chorus are pretty similar, I thought. I couldn't find the album version of the Sugar song, where the similarity is much more obvious, but again the riffs, baseline and drums are pretty similar.

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Great thread idea.

Most of Oasis songs either sound like The Beatles, Status Quo or Slade.

I said on another thread the other day that I believe that all Oasis songs are really Status Quo songs reworked. Trouble is, it's bloody hard work listening to the vacuous sludge that both have produced. Still, here's a start.

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I don't hear that at all. Maybe I am just shit at this game.

No it's probably me. I'm a Man City supporter and general fan of Manchester's music scene but I dislike Oasis so much I'm quite prepared to make up much worse things about them actually. Just to correct one thing that they made up though, they came from Burnage, not Moss Side. Very different places.

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