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Ea Has Sourced Countrywide As Possible Surveyor

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We have had an offer accepted on a 2 bed semi - very tidy wee house and to my untrained eye is very well kept.

The seller's EA has recommended Countrywide as a possible surveyor and they have sent an email with costs.

£410 inc VAT for HomeBuyer Report and £700 inc VAT for Building Survey - both prices include a £75 discount.

Costs seem very reasonable but I have two concerns:

1. They are not local to the area -as I have just discovered

2. This thread -> hints at issues with Countrywide<- doesn't

I am considering opting for a Homebuyer Report whoever I go with but wondered if anyone here has had dealings with Countrywide before and had any issues.

Any replies would be welcome.

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No experience with Countrywide, but a general couple of points occur to me.

If you are the buyer, you want a warts and all report that might even value the house at lower than your offer.

If the EA selling it has a sweetheart deal with Countrywide, there could be conflict of interest.

If you are taking out a mortgage, the bank/BS will do a valuation and might also, for extra payment, do a survey based on your and the lender's best interest.

There are any number of independent surveyors desperate for business who will know the area (but might also be mates with the EA) - shop around and ask for an example of a previous report they did on a similar size of house. That would give you an idea of the detail they go into.


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Countrywide Surveyors are a national firm, part of the same group that own EAs including Mann & Co, Bairstow Eves, John D Wood plus many others.

The fact that their offices are not immediately local to you would not worry me, as the surveyors themselves will have specific areas they cover, often this will be across 2-3 counties.

Remember that a valuation is different to a homebuyers or buildings survey and just because they are carrying out a homebuyers report it would not necessarily include a valuation unless you request one.

It would be a very daft surveyor who gave a misleading report to a client, just because they had a working relationship with the EA. I know many surveyors but would never expect them to be favourable to a property I was selling and hide defects from the potential purchaser. But there is no doubt that daft surveyors exist, so it is wise to tread carefully.

Your own solicitor, particularly if they are local to the property you are buying, would be a good person to approach for a further recommendation.

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