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Auction Still

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I think that first one is in Miles Platting,which is a very dodgy part of Manchester.

It's Failsworth near me...

Newton Health is between that and Miles Platting. :)

Whether that's a good thing or not I'm not sure.

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Hi we inherited a plot of land on Oldham Road and had a nightmare couple of years with it - the area not good, had to keep going up to clear syringes etc. off it. Spoke to local businesses in some of the renovated properties at the outer edge of the "gentrified" bits of Ancoats and the stories were hair-raising. When I had to call the police because junkies with pitbulls were harrassing me,, the police said it was a transit route from miles platting into town and there'd always be trouble there. BUT having said all that, there was actuallly a fair bit of interest from local businesss people when I put the plot on the market - so I was able to sell it in the end. They'll probably build a commercial property on it and hope the area will improve in the long term.

Hope this helps?

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It didn't sell at auction then. It's a kitchen and bathroom place. The local papers are so full of adverts for kitchens and bathroom suites at the moment.

Allow me to add these links I've stumbled upon.

It's possible I'm the only one who didn't know how to call up a list of properties going to auction in a selected area on Righmove, but these links help if others also didn't know.

Cheshire: http://www.rightmove...re/auction.html

Manchester: http://www.rightmove...rue&_auction=on

You should be able to change the location search parameters in the Rightmove page linked above, and it should list any available auction properties in your selected search area.

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Brilliant Venger! Thanks for that hint!

Thanks Sarah but I feel a little foolish now. The only reason I didn't notice it sooner is because the Auction filter does not appear if there are no properties marked as going to auction in an area you search.

For example if I search Cheadle Hulme on Rightmove the auction filter appears on the first result page in the bottom left hand panel, with 3 properties marked as auction. If I search Heaton Chapel the auction filter isn't displayed at all, because there for nothing, at the moment, heading to auction.

Either way now I've seen it I'll be keeping my eye on what is heading to auction in a wider Manchester search radius.

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