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Mass Murderer Meets Piece Of Filth

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You wonder how the conversation went.

Hello Sepp, how's the stealing going?

Mustn't grumble Bob, must say your murdering well for a man of your age.

They were comparing notes on electoral procedure.

Mugabe quickly ended the meeting when he realised what a crook Blatter was.

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i guess England has not really dealt with the disapointment and the pain that accompanied their failure to land the bid for 2022 world cup. its clear america and britain would have to win everything in this world even when they do not deserve it. i am not surprised the writer of this piece described both mugabe and blatter as despots. both blatter and mugabe are victims of the west ruthless agenda to exploit and control the rest of the world.blatter denied england and usa the worldcup hosting rights whiles mugabe denied the british access to zimbabwe lands. i guess it is not surprising they have become targets for american and british propaganda.

- michael, accra,ghana, 5/7/2011 11:09

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2011262/FIFA-attacked-Sepp-Blatter-meets-Robert-Mugabe.html#ixzz1RGe9tnmf

thats a great comment tbf,just missing the point of the west giving mug the means to defy, erm, the west. :unsure:

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