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You need to look at the "types" of British people that live in them though.

Indeed. Detroit is full of beautiful detached homes and is generally inhabited by scumbags (well, as much as is possible to be, given its usual position in the crime leagues) Hong Kong doesnt spring to mind as crime infested, yet is pretty much as densely populated as is possible to get.

I still want house with land though, all this proves is you may as well give the scumbags as little as possible because giving them big detached homes doesnt stop them from being scumbags.

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people want different things at different stages of their lives.

ask 18-30 year olds do they want to live in a detatched house with lots of land in a quiet village and im sure the majority would prefer to live closer to amenities and a busy city nightlife, rather than choose big gardens and lots of space.

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