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Smart Meter Savings 'uncertain' Says Audit Officeonsumers Will End Up Footing The Bill For This Multi-Billion-Pound Scheme. Success Will Be Measured B

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Presumably it's already possible at present to meter both in and out, so not needed for that. And it's far too detailed for an accurate billing requirement, which only needs to know a meter reading when it's time for the bill.

That requires incoming information but does not require any outgoing (presumably it's the load on the local substation that's important there).

'Smart' metering fails massively on the "Mind you own business" test.

It's not present at possible - one of the costs of installing PV is upgrading the meter, surely? My electric meter is a simple metal disc that goes round. How do you think that keeps track of the electricity you've put back in to the grid? Going backwards is no good, because it needs to know how much you have put in rather than just not used, in order to calculate the FITs etc.

The second point is that the local substation can manage the local demand if it knows what each house is using. Maybe it could route the power from your neighbours' PV panels to your house directly, skipping the grid altogether? And then a step back from that, the substations could be more accurately controlled for the region, etc.


Despite hoping there are some real uses for smart meters, I can see that the most likely outcome is probably more complicated billing.

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This is total rubbish, this is about making sure they get the correct price, it will not help cut their bill etc..

We have smart metering in Ontario and it is a scam. There's only so much you can do in the dead of night when the rate is cheapest. Even with replacing all the light bulbs with high efficiency units and turning on the dishwasher and washing machine only before we go to bed, we still saw a big jump in our bill with smart metering.

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People are pissed off because finally you pay for what you use. Shock horror that electricity will be sold that way.

You mean I haven't actually been paying for the electricity I use! Shock, horror.

Do we have to have these things installed or can you refuse.

Big state comes up with big state solution to complicate something that was very simple.

I read and record my meters every 28 days put it on an excel spreadsheet, the thing is it has very little bearing on how much power I use - I use what I use. Whilst I may be using less power than I have, my bills are still going up.

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Maybe when the next solar storm of any magnitude hits, none of these devices will survive. The power lines will act like damn great antenna and zap them.

I'm damn sure they will get hacked long before then anyway, someone will build a fake device that just pretends you are an old granny while your cannabis grows in the loft.

The more fancy the technology the easier to exploit it becomes. Take your new Baclaycard with a RFID chip in it. It reportedly only challenges for a pin every 4 transactions over £15.00 and geeks can make a device that reads it from several feet away. So all they have to do is travel around with a reader in a bag swiping £15.00 of every barclaycard that comes within range. You could make a fortune just in the rush hour on the underground. Talking folks of the underground, I notice that when folks 'touch out' at the end of their journey the ticket barrier displays how much money is on the card! Muggers and pick pockets can choose one with lots of lovely cash on it just by following you through the barrier, they could probably switch an almost empty card for your loaded one and you wouldn't know until it ran out.

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The only thing they're guaranteed to save money on is the cost of sending people to knock on doors and read meters.

Well this is the argument being put forward by the industry (which I work in). Discarding meter readers will save a fortune. And these savings will be passed onto the customer.

errr.. except in reality it won't happen that way. Anyone who really believes the savings will be passed on is either on medication or watches Eastenders every day.

As I mentioned before, the advantages of smart meters are all for the industry. No one needs a fancy meter with flashing lights to tell them when it's cheaper to use electricity, or that their kettle is power hungry.

Smart meters mean staff cuts, the ability to cut people off remotely, and of course monitor individual usage very closely. Plus these meters record gas as well as electric, so they have you covered ;)

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